Why should I have my roof inspected after experiencing high winds or hail?

It is very important to know that your roof has damage before filing an insurance claim for a few reasons. If you file a claim and have little or no damage to your roof and exterior, this can negatively affect your standing with your insurance company. Most insurance agents prefer to have an inspection performed by a qualified professional before a claim is filed. Also, most insurance companies only give you one or 2 years to file your claim in order to get the full replacement cost.

What information will the claims department need to file a claim?

In most cases it helps to inform the claims department if you have already had the roof inspected. This goes into the adjuster’s notes as well as what parts of your home have been damaged. They will also ask you for the date and time that the damage occurred. Our professionals are equipped with the hail mapping software to help you with this if you cannot remember the exact date and time.

Why should I have representation during the adjuster’s inspection?

During what is called Catastrophic Storms, many insurance companies will hire independent adjusting companies to help them adjust all of their claims. We meet adjusters who come from different states on a regular basis. We offer to represent you during the inspection as a second set of eyes to ensure that all damage is noticed and included in the claim. We also assist in making sure that your adjuster is aware of the local codes that apply.

How long do I have to get the work done once I file a claim?

Usually you have one year from the date of damage to get the work done in order to receive your recoverable depreciation. Some insurance companies may extend that to two years.

Should I get multiple estimates?

Many homeowners feel that multiple estimates are necessary. If homeowners were paying out of pocket for repairs, we would strongly agree. In the case of insurance claims, your adjuster will provide you with an estimate created on a program called Xactimate. Most roofing and repair companies use the very same program to create their estimates and the “fine print” will state that the estimate is only approximate, they will have to supplement for code items, and ultimately they will go with the adjuster’s amounts anyway. This is a tactic we do not believe in. We recommend researching any company that you are considering to perform your repairs. Are they local? Are they BBB accredited? How long have they been in business? Do they have BBB complaints?
Your decision should be based on who you trust and feel comfortable with. Your adjuster, in most cases, will only give you a partial payment up front. Your repair company will have to request depreciation by turning in a final invoice and honestly stating what they charged you for the repairs. If your adjuster missed any code items, your claim will likely be a higher amount than what was originally in your estimate. This requires supplementing your claim with your insurance to ensure that they agree to pay this higher amount before the work begins. If you repairs cost less than the insurance agreed to pay, they will only pay what was incurred. This is why it is more about the scope of work than it is about the price. It is also illegal in the state of CO for any repair company to pay or rebate even part of your deductible. If a company is willing to defraud your insurance company, they are not the company you should choose to repair your home.

What should I be aware of before signing any paperwork?

Be aware of exactly what you are signing. Many companies might try to lock you into a contract before you even know if your roof is going to be replaced. What happens if your adjuster determines that you do not need a roof? Also, all legal, binding contracts in the state of CO require that specific $ amounts and times be on them to be binding. This is why we, as a company, do not sign a contract with you until the adjuster has given you his estimate for review. Also, any items that are not addressed by your repair company should be clearly stated and deducted from your out of pocket expenses. We believe in transparency throughout the entire process.

Why should I consider CLASS 4 impact resistant shingles?

Due to the frequency of hail storms in our state, many insurance companies are seeing the benefit of recommending that CLASS 4 impact resistant shingles be installed as a replacement. CLASS 4 shingles are give their designation by UL Laboratories. They drop a 2” steel ball from 20’ high onto the shingle twice in the same spot. If the ball does not break the matting of the shingle, they give it a CLASS 4 rating. Some insurance companies will reward you with a discount of 20-30% off of your rates for choosing this upgrade. If these shingles saved you one deductible in the future, they would more than pay for the cost of the upgrade, but considering the added savings offered by your insurance company, this is for sure an upgrade worth considering.

What if I file a claim and choose not to do any of the repairs?

When it comes to the roofing on your home, we strongly encourage you to have the repairs done if you have chosen to file a claim. You may only have one year from the date damage to receive the full amount from your insurance company who, in most cases, will keep a record of whether you did have the replacement performed. When your policy is a full Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy, then your adjuster will pay you the Actual Cash Value (ACV) payment up front, based on age depreciation and the depreciation is recoverable once the repairs are completed. If you choose to not have any of the repairs performed, keep in mind that you will not receive your depreciation for those items, and your insurance carrier will likely not pay for this damage again in the future. In some cases your policy might be an ACV only policy. Make sure you are aware of your coverage before you file a claim by talking with your agent.

Why choose Concise Construction?

We, at Concise Construction, recognize that there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing a repair company for your home. We strive to be one of the best local choices by being knowledgeable, transparent and informative throughout the entire claims process. We truly value all of our customers and you will not just be another number. We have a record with many insurance agents of providing honest and reliable pre-claim inspections for their insureds, protecting them from unwarranted claims. We have a six-year record of no complaints and strive to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. We help make the claims process go smoothly by taking care of all the communication with your insurance company, ordering and passing all inspections and adhering to all local codes. We also do not believe in collecting the first insurance payment until materials are delivered and work has begun. We have many happy and satisfied customers and look forward to providing you the service that you deserve.