When I began to work in the insurance repair industry years ago, I had the opportunity to work with several former adjusters which helped me understand and appreciate the claims process and the importance of providing as much detail and information as possible during all aspects of the project.  I value what I have learned from those I worked with as well as many of the insurance adjusters I have met along the way.  When we help customers through the claims process, they rely on our knowledge of the insurance standards and parameters to protect them from unnecessary claims as well as to assist them in making sure all of their damage is covered.  Many insurance agents also appreciate our practice of honesty and fairness when performing free inspections prior to claims being turned in.  We have kept many of their clients from turning in claims that were unwarranted.  We highly value the trust that agents put in us when we are one of the companies that they recommend to their insureds, and we try hard to make sure that each and every customer feels taken care of through the entire process.

My partner Mark and I began working together in this industry back in 2011.  Working together in CONCISE CONSTRUCTION has been a great opportunity to blend our knowledge and experience in this industry which enables us to be one of the more trusted “local” companies.  I feel very privileged to work with someone like Mark who shares my commitment to excellence and professionalism with our customers and agents that we work with.  With our company, you are not just another number.  We care and will work hard to win the trust of each customer we have the opportunity to assist throughout the claims repair process.

When I am not at work, I am usually outdoors with my wife/best friend.  If it is outdoors we love it, whether it is climbing a 14er, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, skiing, backpacking, camping, disk golf,….you get the picture.  We also like concerts at Red Rocks, traveling, hitting a hot springs once in a while and seeing all that our beautiful state has to offer.